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J.S. Held



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Our construction advisory team of over 200 professionals who conduct business in 15+ languages leverages decades of technical knowledge and field experience to assist on projects at all levels and phases of construction. From project inception to execution, every successful project results from a comprehensive plan and consistent support. We provide a full suite of advisory, dispute resolution, and expert testimony services. Our team develops industry-leading reports at site-specific locations with stringent methodologies for litigation purposes.
Our global resources, capabilities, and experience have allowed us to support thousands of projects across multiple sectors in 80+ countries and six continents on behalf of global & national law firms, international & domestic EPC contractors, project owners, major equipment suppliers, and specialist subcontractors who retain us for our deep expertise.
J.S. Held experts in construction consulting have been recognized as industry thought leaders and future leaders, professionals who are eminent quantum, delay, and technical experts with unparalleled expertise in quantifying costs and damages. These experts are recognized for their profound knowledge and expertise in handling complex construction challenges and offering objective insights. Our construction experts include engineers, general contractors, construction management professionals, accountants, estimators, code experts, analysts, and cost analysts who serve as trusted advisors, providing a diverse portfolio of expertise that helps clients navigate complex matters across a wide range of industries and geographies.
• Adjudication & Related Support Services
• Alternative Dispute Resolution Services
• Arbitration & Related Support Services
• Deposition Preparation & Support
• Digital Forensics & eDiscovery
• Expert Report Development
• Expert Witness Testimony
• Financial Impact Calculations
• Fraud Investigations
• Global Asset Tracing & Recovery
• Global Investigative Support & Evidence Gathering
• Litigation & Related Support Services
• Mediation & Related Support Services
• Subrogation Support

Company Representatives

Jose Fouz
Megan Miller
Mark Baker
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