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Individual Membership Application and Profile Form

The information gathered here will be used for membership application and member profiles. Profiles will be publicly visible and accessible. The intention is to help visitors discover individuals with the skills and experience they are looking for. The form will also be completed by individuals representing institutions and universities.


There are five sections to this form (it takes about 10-20 minutes to complete). Section 1 is contact information; Section 2 is education and languages; Section 3 is industry experience; Section 4 is arbitration experience and Section 5 is published articles / papers.

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Section 1: Business Contact Information

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For best results: Ideally avoid tight cropped images and allow for some space around your head and shoulders. Use images sized 800x1200 pixels.


Section 2: Education & Languages

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English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, French, Chinese (Mandarin), German, Russian, Japanese, Italian etc...

Section 3: Industry Experience

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Section 4: Arbitration Experience

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Laws & Jurisdictions
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Section 5: Published Articles (optional)

IMPORTANT:  The information entered in this form  will also populate your public profile and will be publicly visible and searchable. Please double check your entries before hitting the submit button below. If you make a mistake please contact the site admin to fix it.

This form redirects to the payment page after submission. Please ignore this if your membership fees are up to date or paid by your firm.

Thanks for submitting!

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