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The Hague University of Applied Sciences - International & European Law Programme

The Hague University of Applied Sciences - International & European Law Programme



In our increasingly complex and diverse communities, traditional configurations are breaking down and paradigm shifts are the order of the day. Social issues are no longer confined behind borders but are ‘everybody’s problem’. We are also in an age where technology is bringing great innovation and opportunity but also great risks and ‘great unknowns’. In this new regulatory landscape, more is demanded of young legal professionals. In our competence-based education at THUAS International & European Law Program students are going to ‘learn by doing’. It is an intensive and highly interactive journey. Students apply what they learn from their "body of knowledge" classes and workshops, skills workshops, tutorial activities and peer reviews and they are building their competences. THUAS aims at creating a hub where aspiring legal professionals from all over the world will be taught International and European law in English on undergraduate level and alternative dispute resolution is a necessary part of this journey. In their third year, students can select their Minors. The Dispute Resolution Minor consists of three weekly interactive seminars (one for negotiations, one for arbitration and one for mediation) and weekly guest lectures from practitioners or scholars who are experts in the respective areas. Following the successful completion of the Minor, the students are ready to embark upon a career path in ADR or use the skills gained in any other field they want to flourish.

Artemis Malliaropoulou
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