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Shook Hardy & Bacon LLP

Shook Hardy & Bacon LLP

1 (305) 358-5171


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Shook draws from a deep seat of experience in international arbitration disputes. We represent companies in sophisticated and high-profile international arbitrations across the globe and we are one of the leading law firms in disputes related to the health, science, data privacy and technology sector.

Relying on our knowledge of investment treaties and free trade agreements, our attorneys understand how to effectively manage arbitrations at all stages, from preliminary negotiations and selection of arbitrators to enforcement and challenges to an arbitral award. Our practice is truly global, embodied not only by our clients located around the world, but also the various forums in which our attorneys have handled international disputes. Many of our attorneys are bilingual and several are native Spanish speakers, increasing their effectiveness in handling international representations in the Americas.

Firm Representative(s)
Carlos Concepcion
Ricardo Ampudia
Giovanni Angles

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