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August Webinar: Online Case Management Protocol

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Tuesday, August 11, at 12:00 noon EST. Miami International Arbitration Society in association with American Arbitration Association, DLA Piper, Hogan Lovells and Holland & Knight.

August Webinar: Discussing The Protocol For Online Case Management

Discussing The Protocol for Online Case Management in International Arbitration — online case management platforms, drive time and cost efficiencies throughout the arbitral process to help arbitral participants comply with their obligations to securely and effectively manage data relating to the arbitral process.

This Protocol will help arbitral participants (parties, lawyers, arbitrators, arbitral institutions or organisations and other arbitral stakeholders) develop efficient, safe and consistent procedures if adopting a shared online case management platform in their arbitration proceedings.

This Protocol is also intended to help technology providers better understand the requirements of their users, which is expected to aid the development and enhancement of online case management platforms for use in international arbitration going forward.

Comments on this Protocol are open through the end of August.


Moderated by Katharine Menendez de la Cuesta, Holland Knight

Featured Speakers:

Maria Scott, DLA Piper, London

Michael Taylor, Hogan Lovells International LLP

Eric Tuchmann, Sr. Vice President, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary, AAA

Topics for discussion:

•   What is the Protocol and how did it come about

•   What does the Protocol seek to achieve?

•   Why was this seen as an important issue?

•   How / why did the working group decide to put together a protocol (as opposed to some other solution)?

•   Feedback from the arbitration community

   ◦   On the protocol itself

   ◦   On the importance of initiatives of this kind

•   Observations in respect of collaborating with other law firms/professionals with other expertise

•   Q&A

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