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Global Project Strategy Inc.
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We are an international consulting company, specialized in Dispute Resolution Services for engineering and construction projects. We have participated in a wide variety of infrastructure projects in different industries such as oil, gas, petrochemical, power, sanitation, water management, environmental, mining, transportation, and telecommunications for more than 23 years.

GPS has offices in the United States, and Colombia, from where we offer our clients specialized services in contract administration, planning and control of projects and we support the project management team so that the objectives set at the level of organization strategy are achieved.

In GPS we have a team of leaders, experts, and professionals with extensive and solid experience in multidisciplinary projects around Latin America, who contribute their knowledge to offer an objective
vision of the project situation and a plan to achieve the project objectives of our clients. Our team is made of industry experts, project managers, engineers, architects, cost estimators,
planners and information analysts who bring their talent, experience, and ingenuity to provide creative and successful solutions to the different challenges of the projects.

Dispute Resolution, Claims, Litigation and Arbitration
GPS identifies, analyzes, evaluates, and prepares claims and expert witness reports for multidisciplinary construction and engineering capital projects, based on proven experience in complex dispute processes in projects ranging from $1 million to $8 billion.

Independent Engineer
GPS provides Independent Technical Reviews, Project Monitoring and
Concepts to financial institutions and investors financing or investing in Capital Projects. GPS provides a team professionals,
consultants and technicians who analyze the technical risks of projects and review pay request so the resources are invested in a reasonable and efficient way during the various stages of the project.

Company Representatives

Carlos E. Sosa
Bernardo Gamboa
Ruben Pulgar
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