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Alexis Mourre – Reflections on a Transformative Presidency

Alexis Mourre. Photo credit Divulgação

Reflections on a transformative presidency – an interview with ICC President Alexis Mourre.

The interview is hosted by José Astigarraga was recorded in May 2021 and has been divided into two Reed Smith Arbitral Insights podcasts. [below]

As President of the ICC Court of Arbitration, Alexis Mourre has overseen the ICC’s expansion globally, led innovations in procedures and practices, and driven change for more diversity and inclusion.

Reed Smith global chair of international arbitration José Astigarraga hosts Alexis for a two-part in-depth and wide-ranging discussion on: the state of international arbitration globally; the accomplishments and innovations during his presidency; the issues and challenges facing the ICC; new global hotspots for international arbitration; and the future of arbitration, including the impact of technology and artificial intelligence on international arbitration.

José Astigarraga, Director Emeritus, is a member of the MIAS board of Directors.

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