Airbnb v. Doe: The Florida Supreme Court Takes on Arbitrability in Florida

Updated: Apr 1

September 29, 1:00-2:15pm EST

UPDATED: March 31, 2022

The Florida Supreme Court has accepted the case Airbnb, Inc. v. Doe to decide the question of whether the incorporation of arbitration rules which provide that the arbitrator will decide questions of his or her own jurisdiction is sufficient to divest the courts of this power. Although most courts that have addressed this issue have concluded that the incorporation of such rules is sufficient, the issue has become the subject of considerable national debate. The Miami International Arbitration Society recently submitted an amicus brief [link below] on this issue before the Florida Supreme Court.

This CLE program will include a mock oral argument of this potentially pivotal case, in which members of the team who acted as counsel for MIAS in the amicus brief will argue for each side and field questions from what is expected to be a “hot bench.” The moot will be followed by a discussion among the participants.


· Welcome and Opening Remarks on Behalf of MIAS

· Introduction

· Petitioner Oral Argument

· Respondent Oral Argument

· Comments and Discussion from the “Bench”