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GO MIAMILAW!!! MiamiLaw Reaches the Final Round in the FDI'21 Moot!

Competing against 80 school in the Globals and 162 schools in total across FDI21 they made the final round for the first time ever!

MiamiLaw Team for the Foreign Direct Investment International Arbitration Moot, 2021

MiamiLaw competed during the last week at the FDI Moot Global Rounds, and their team of students made it to the final round, for the first time on this moot, out of 80 schools only in the Globals, and out of 162 school in total during this FDI’21 version.

MiamiLaw ended up as the runner up - a tremendous accomplishment!

— Adolfo Jimenez

MIAS Chairman

Yesenia Alfonso (JD/LLM) was awarded the best advocate in the final round.

The team is composed of Yesenia Alfonso (LLM/JD), Camilo Fernandez (LLM/JD), Andres Caldera (LLM/JD), Belemir Demibarg (LLM/JD). Baris Han Özkan (IALLM) participated as an assistant coach.

I had the pleasure to Coach together with a former student of mine, Michael Rodriguez (JD/LLM’17), who has been practicing Investment Arbitration for the last 4 years in DC.
Please, help me to congratulate the students for their remarkable job and representing Miami as a hub for international law through the formation of future lawyers in arbitration.

Paula C. Arias IMCP Director and Lecturer in Law University of Miami School of Law

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