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Growth and Opportunity in Latin American ADR: The Arbitral Process and Beyond

October, 2021 11:00AM-12:30PM EST and 8:00Am-9:30AM PST

CLE available for New York and California

In the latest installment of the International Law Section of the American Bar Association's “What the Rules Do Not Tell You” Series, we will take a practical approach to understanding growth and opportunity in the Latin American ADR scene.

Panel I: Opportunity in the Arbitral Process International mediator and arbitrator

Mercedes Tarrazon shares her views on the opportunities during the arbitral process based on her experience in high-profile international disputes. She will also explore the challenges for parties, arbitrators and mediators and reflect on possible solutions.


Panel 2: Growth and Development of ADR services in leading centers

International and domestic interest in leading ADR provider services in Latin America has proved to be resilient over the past 18 months. The enthusiasm for their role in strengthening the rule of law remains unabated but just as much can be attributed to creative and diverse services and programs that closely track developments in the business sector. Representatives of leading ADR centers will share recent developments and explain the advantages of domestic and internation-al ADR proceedings.


  • Rebeca E. Mosquera, Senior Associate, International Litigation and Arbitration, Akerman LLP


  • Santiago Díaz Cediel, Head of International Arbitration, Bogota Arbitration and Conciliation Center

  • Macarena Letelier, Secretary-General, Santiago Arbitration and Mediation Center

  • Cecilia O’Neill, Dean of Law School, Universidad del Pacífico; Member, International Arbitration Center of AmCham Peru

Sign up to watch. CLE credit for NY/CA.

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