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Wolters Kluwer will be at Booth #15 at ICC MIAMI

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Wolters Kluwer will be present during ICC Miami, 12-14 December 2021.

Visit Booth #15

Wolter Kluwers invites MIAS members to visit their booth at ICC MIAMI to learn how the enhanced Arbitrator Tool with 4,000+ arbitrator profiles and new data-driven “Relationship Assessment” tool with 12,000+ arbitration practitioners and experts can help you.


Wolters Kluwer launches enhancements to the Arbitrator Profiles and new relationship Assessment Tool within Kluwer Arbitration Practice Plus (KAPP).

The Arbitrator Tool within KAPP will provide data-driven information about arbitrators and their experience. Drawn from a wide range of sources, including appointment data from core international institutes and Wolter Kluwer rich collection of international awards, the information will assist practitioners in selecting an arbitrator.

As another layer, the relationship assessment tool will allow to research connections of arbitrators, expert witnesses, counsel, tribunal secretaries or other stakeholders to uncover potential conflicts of interest.

Together, these two data-driven features empower arbitration professionals to find, compare, or challenge arbitrators, helping to minimize involved risks.

Laurie Ann Brown

Senior Regional Account Manager

You can request a demo here

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